At White Pine we know there's more to a fun adventure than just getting there. Knowing how to operate your equipment, feeling confident in a saddle and practicing safety are all important factors in being able to relax and make the most out of your trip.

It's with safety and fun in mind that White Pine has paired some additional time for instruction from  some of our best guides so that you feel secure and confident while on your Summer Adventures with us. 

We do include a small amount of instruction before every adventure to assess your skill set. If we feel that you are in need of more instruction we will work with you before and during the trip to help you along the way so that you get the most out of your time with us.

For more personalized instruction please allow time before your trip to organize a lesson. We also offer instruction at any time during the summer season.

Please call our offices for booking availability @ (307) 367-6606 

Or email for fishing lessons or for horseback riding lessons.

Instruction Rates:

Horseback Riding

$50/hr per person per horse starting on the ground. Group lessons of 2-4 or more are booked based on skill levels of each rider. Novice rider lessons have a 2 hour minimum. Pre-trip instruction is a 30 minute maximum lesson and is included in the trip fee. 

Horse Packing:

$30.00/hr per person. This is geared towards hunters, hikers and backpackers with gear drops and spot pack trips in mind.


$150.00/1 -3 people. 3 Hour lessons starting on dry land at White Pine's Private Pond. Additional instruction is available off-site. Pre-trip instruction is a 30 minute maximum lesson and is included in the trip fee. 

Back Packing & Mountaineering:

$25.00/ hr  for groups of 2-4 only. Instruction is based solely on skill set level, physical fitness and equipment familiarity. 



1 horse and tack per person per lesson and 1 instructor.



1 Pack horse per person per lesson and 1 experienced guide.



Fishing gear and 1 instructor per group lesson.



1 Instructor per group lesson. Please bring all personal gear and boots that you'll be taking on your trip.

*Please be honest about your experience level for the safety of you, others and our pack animals.