Hiking and Biking

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If you love to Hike or Mountain Bike White Pine has some great local trails for you to climb up and blast down. You will experience a multitude of wildlife and vistas on these well marked and maintained trails. Geared with the everyday hiker and mountain biker in mind White Pine has made it easy for you to hit the trails with one of our knowledgeable guides or choose to go it alone. Either way these trails are sure to please even the most experienced hikers and backpackers. 

If you're interested in other local areas to hike or bike, we'll be happy to guide you to some of our favorite trails in the Winds. Hourly and daily rates vary so please contact our offices for more information on our trails and the local White Pine and Pinedale area please call our offices @ (307) 367-6606 or email Katie@whitepineski.com