Back Country Exploration

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Are you an experienced back packer? Tired of the same old trails and need a little more to get your adventurous spirit soaring again?

Spanning approximately 100 miles, the Wind River Range offers 2.25 million acres, is over 600 miles of established trails and is home to 19 of the 20 highest peaks in Wyoming, including the highest, the one and only Gannett Peak. With 183 glaciers located in the Winds, with 7 of the 10 largest in the continental United States.

At White Pine our Expert Back Country Guides will take you on an amazing adventure full of peaks and valleys that are far off the beaten track. Your Back Country Adventure starts with you, your skill level and guide. We'll take it from there as we safely embark on an adventure that will take you to some of the highest peaks in Wyoming. From day hikes among the 600 miles of trails, to multi-day backpacking trips within 2.25 million acres of mountain terrain, to climbing any of the 40+ peaks above 13,000 feet in elevation.

**These trips are designed for Hikers and Back Packers of intermediate to advanced skill levels. If you have less than intermediate experience hiking through rough back country terrain at high altitudes, please inquire about our less challenging hikes and treks. 

For more information on these trips and booking availability please call White Pine Resort @ (307) 367-6606 or email


Daily Back Country Trips

Your safety is priority #1 for us so we'll choose a day trip that will take you up to worldly vistas and back down again in one piece in one day. These fun day trips are sure to leave you breathless!

Daily Trip Rates:

Full Day Back Country Trip: Starting at $350.00 per person per day. Includes 1 Expert Guide, Gear and a Full Lunch with Beverages.

What To Bring:

Your Expert Guide will tell you what to bring when you book your trip.


Overnight Back Country Trips

Expect overwhelming and iconic views on these 1-2 day explorations. Your expert guide will take you to some of the most gorgeous peaks where you can find you long lost spirit. You'll enjoy delicious meals and comfortable sleeping arrangements by a warm fire on an up side of the Winds.

Overnight Trip Rates:

1-2 Day Overnight Trips: Starting at $450 per person per day. Includes 1-2 Expert Guides, Gear, Meals, Beverages and Comfortable Sleeping Accommodations.

What To Bring:

Your Expert Guide will tell you what to bring when you book your trip.


Customized Back Country Trips

White Pine offers an array of amazing trips available that we can customize to suit your needs and destinations you may have in mind, including extended back packing and hiking trips. Just tell us what you want to do, where you want to go and how many in your group and we'll customize a trip that will blow you away! Please call our offices or email us today to book your trip of a lifetime! 

To book a back country trip please call our offices @ (307) 367-6606 or email: